The Wedding

IMAGINE FOR A MOMENT… we’re seated together at a royal wedding.  The invitations have been sent, all the preparations have been made, the guests have arrived, the music is playing, the flowers are spectacular ~ the sanctuary is decked for a king and queen. The bridegroom and his attendants take their places at the front.

The first strains of the wedding march begin to sound. We all rise.

It’s hard to see from where we are standing off to the side. Finally, we’re able to catch a glimpse of the bride holding the arm of her father as she begins to move down the aisle toward her bridegroom.

We crane our necks trying to take it all in. As she gets closer, we realize something is wrongIt can’t be – but yes…her veil is torn, and it’s askew on her head.

She gets closer, and we see that is not just her veil – her hair is matted and in disarray. She looks like she just got out of bed. And her face – it’s filthy; she has no makeup on.

As she walks by the row where we’re standing, we get a closer look at her dress. It’s unbelievable. Her gown is disheveled and wrinkled from top to bottom. It looks like it’s been stuffed in a drawer for weeks.  Not only that – the once-white dress is covered with an awful assortment of dark stains.

Have you ever seen such a sight? How can this be?

Then we see the saddest sight of all, as she approaches her bridegroom.  It’s the look of profound sorrow in his eyes as he realizes that his bride – the one he loves with all his heart – didn’t care enough to get ready for the wedding……[i]

How heartbreaking!  The Church of Jesus Christ (Bride of Christ), who profess Him as their Savior, did not care enough to get ready for the wedding! The most important and extravagant wedding of the universe where the entire world will be watching, and the Bride was not ready? I don’t want to be the Bride who is unprepared ~ do you?  I am sounding the alarm, because after two decades of walking with Christ, and speaking and teaching God’s word within the church, it is apparent that the majority of the Bride in America is not only asleep, but extremely unprepared for the wedding.

Why do you think the Bride is not Ready?  Is it because they (the Church ~ those who call themselves Christians) don’t care or lack of knowledge?

[i] “From Holiness: The Heart God Purifies, ©2004, 2005 by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Used with permission of Moody Publishers. All rights reserved.”