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“Wow!  Rosemary Fisher is right on target with where the Christian world is today. Not all believers are “Rapture Ready,” This book addresses the complacency of the average American believer and invites us to get serious about our relationship with the Lord. Whether you have been a believer for 3 months or 30 years, this book will encourage you to take your spiritual life to a higher level.”

- Rev. Randy Garcia, Senior Pastor, Fortress Church, San Antonio, TX

As one of Christ’s ‘chosen’, I’m CONVINCED of a blessed future in a prepared place. Yet in reading the Smokin’ “HOT” Bride, I’m also CONVICTED of some specific preparing that needs to happen on my own part. This fresh new look at the Bride of Christ elicits from us readers both an “Amen” – and an “Oh, me!” I give Rosemary’s ‘bridal manual’ a resounding “E”. Exciting. Edifying. Encouraging. EXPOSING. Enlightening. And…Electrifying!

- Mike Dawson, Pastor Emeritus, First Baptist Church, Columbia

If you are looking for a speaker for an upcoming event or would like to host a Bride of Christ Conference at your church, please contact me  I would be honored to serve you.

Rosemary Fisher
Author, Speaker and Conference Director

The Smokin' HOT Bride of Christ Book Travels International in the UK Stylist Magazine!

Author Rosemary Fisher of  The Smokin' "HOT" Bride of Christ Book speaks to the United Kingdom regarding the Rapture in the secular and popular Stylist magazine.  People all over the world are intrigued about this subject and I am honored to be part of this article, so others will seek the Bible and their hearts for truth, says Rosemary.  Click on this link UK STYLIST Magazine to read the article that has been distributed to over 500,000 internationally.